Benchmark Cooling Solutions installs and maintains de-greening rooms for a range of satisfied clients in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Mozambique and further afield.

A well-designed and securely constructed de-greening room allows you to maintain fruit quality and hit the market at the optimum point of the demand curve and may also serve as a holding room to delay shipment of fruit into already saturated markets. In this way, spoilage can be contained, and profits increased.

Benchmark Cooling Solutions tailors and installs de-greening rooms that are specially constructed to expose fruit to a controlled atmosphere that fosters the ripening process by adding a naturally produced plant hormone (ethylene gas) already found in fruit. This facility can also be used as a holding room for your fruit immediately after harvest or before transportation. A controlled ripening environment of this kind can assist your business in ensuring that your fruit enjoys an extended shelf life and can be made available when and where required at optimum eating quality backed by an excellent appearance.

For more information on our de-greening room installation and maintenance services in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Mozambique and further afield, get in touch with a Benchmark Cooling Solutions representative today. We’re ready to assess your cooling requirements, provide professional insight and prepare an obligation-free quote according to your specifications.